Fred Wehba on the Greatest Gifts

Fred WehbaMan is merely mortal, says Fred Wehba, but God provides gifts that make the moral journey one of love, compassion, and hope. In this brief Q&A, Fred Wehba answers questions about how God can change lives and also opens up about his personal relationship with Christ.

Q: As a man of faith and a Southern Baptist, what is your vision for the world?

Fred Wehba: My vision echoes that of the church. I pray nightly that a new passion for Jesus breaks out among the people.

Q: And what do you say to those who deny His existence?

Fred Wehba: I invite them to worship with me sometime. I believe the inerrant word of Our Lord Jesus Christ has the power to make a believer out of those who haven’t been given the opportunity to see the truth.

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Fred Wehba on Jesus: Who is He?

Fred WehbaFred Wehba is often asked about his faith. He is a devout Christian with strong Southern Baptist beliefs and is always willing to lend a guiding hand to anyone ready to walk the path to salvation. One query that Wehba often fields is a simple yet profound question: Who is Jesus?

Jesus, according to Wehba’s faith, is the physical incarnation of God, born of the virgin Mary and initially followed by the twelve disciples. Jesus is the One who died to wash away our sins and who lives in our hearts as the Holy Spirit, which elevates Christ. Fred Wehba explains that as Jesus died on the cross, so too must die pride and hatred for man in order to become in fellowship with God.

In the opinion of Fred Wehba, there is no room for interpretation on the who of Christ but there are different ways to serve Him. He explains that faithful servitude comes in many forms, all which adhere to a simple code of conduct as set forth in scripture. The church, he says, teaches that it is the duty and privilege of Christ’s followers to help the lost seek harmony with Him. This, Fred Wehba says, is done by the actions and examples each Christian offers as part of his or her own mortal journey.

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Q & A with Fred Wehba on Real Estate Trends

Fred WehbaRespected Los Angeles-based real estate investor Fred Wehba answers questions relating to 2015 real estate trends.

Q: Have home prices risen this year?

Fred Wehba: Yes, according to a nationwide survey, home prices have risen nearly 6% as compared to a year ago. In fact, in some areas of the country, the growth is so substantial that many economists are concerned about another round of localized bubbles.

Q: Do low mortgage rates and new lending options actually impact the real estate market?

Fred Wehba: Absolutely. Lower interest rates encourage people to begin their home search. And although rates may rise slightly by year’s end, more homes are being sold than this time last year in many parts of the country. Major lenders, such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, have recently introduced more lenient lending options. This, like lower interest rates, encourages buyers to take the first step toward homeownership. Obtaining a mortgage may not be as easy as it was in 2006 and 2007, but it is becoming a more feasible option for the average American.

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Fred Wehba | Tomatoes and Italian Cuisine

Fred WehbaThere is, perhaps, no other cuisine as dependent on a singular ingredient as Italian cuisine, points out Fred Wehba. Italian kitchens are full of delectable delights…pastas of all shapes and sizes, mushrooms, onions, basil – each district has its own unique spin on tradition. The list could go on and on. However, one constant regardless of region is the Pomo D’oro, or tomato.

A seedy history

Fred Wehba explains that the tomato is actually considered by many a fruit, as it contains seeds. While this is botanically correct, these sweet and slightly acidic edibles have been used as a vegetable base for centuries in Italian cuisine. Tomatoes were eaten by the ancient Aztec and were a popular addition to Spanish foods as early as the 16th century. Ironically, in 1544 the tomato was mistakenly classified as a poison by Pietro Matthioli – an Italian herbalist.

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Fred Wehba | Cook Like an Italian

Fred WehbaItalian cuisine is, according to Fred Wehba, perhaps the most delectable fare on Earth. This is no doubt in part to the country’s tried and true cooking methods and short list of staple ingredients, says Wehba.


Before a proper Italian dish can be prepared, Fred Wehba explains that the cook must first have the right tools. A pasta machine is an invaluable addition to the Italian kitchen. A pastry wheel is also necessary as are heavy pots, wooden utensils, and sharp knives.

Pantry stock

According to Fred Wehba, no Italian cooking experience is complete without a few requisite ingredients including balsamic and red wine vinegar, rice, cannoli, porcini mushrooms, and olive oil. A well-organized spice rack is additionally necessary to whip up an authentic Italian dinner. Ingredients such as oregano, basil, sea salt, and rosemary can be purchased at any grocery store and have a shelf life of six months or more. Fred Wehba notes that an aspiring Italian cook should also ensure a full stock of Italian cheeses, broths, butter, and eggs.

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