Fred Wehba on Jesus: Who is He?

Fred WehbaFred Wehba is often asked about his faith. He is a devout Christian with strong Southern Baptist beliefs and is always willing to lend a guiding hand to anyone ready to walk the path to salvation. One query that Wehba often fields is a simple yet profound question: Who is Jesus?

Jesus, according to Wehba’s faith, is the physical incarnation of God, born of the virgin Mary and initially followed by the twelve disciples. Jesus is the One who died to wash away our sins and who lives in our hearts as the Holy Spirit, which elevates Christ. Fred Wehba explains that as Jesus died on the cross, so too must die pride and hatred for man in order to become in fellowship with God.

In the opinion of Fred Wehba, there is no room for interpretation on the who of Christ but there are different ways to serve Him. He explains that faithful servitude comes in many forms, all which adhere to a simple code of conduct as set forth in scripture. The church, he says, teaches that it is the duty and privilege of Christ’s followers to help the lost seek harmony with Him. This, Fred Wehba says, is done by the actions and examples each Christian offers as part of his or her own mortal journey.

Man’s duties also encompass sharing the sacred gifts given by God to make better the corporeal world. Fred Wehba insists that all things material, mental, and emotional are extensions of God’s love and therefore must be shared without hesitation. The giving of His gifts repays a spiritual debt to the entire world. It places a trust in the gospel that there is an understanding that these gifts are not truly that of man.

Understanding Jesus and what must be done to serve is the most enlightening sense, says Fred Wehba. It is one that he is proud to have helped many others feel throughout his decades on this earth.