Fred Wehba on the Greatest Gifts

Fred WehbaMan is merely mortal, says Fred Wehba, but God provides gifts that make the moral journey one of love, compassion, and hope. In this brief Q&A, Fred Wehba answers questions about how God can change lives and also opens up about his personal relationship with Christ.

Q: As a man of faith and a Southern Baptist, what is your vision for the world?

Fred Wehba: My vision echoes that of the church. I pray nightly that a new passion for Jesus breaks out among the people.

Q: And what do you say to those who deny His existence?

Fred Wehba: I invite them to worship with me sometime. I believe the inerrant word of Our Lord Jesus Christ has the power to make a believer out of those who haven’t been given the opportunity to see the truth.

Q: How do you believe that your faith affects your life?

Fred Wehba: My faith doesn’t simply affect my life. My faith is an irreplaceable aspect of my life which plays a role in every decision I make, big or small.

Q: And do you believe that God changes lives?

Fred Wehba: I believe that God treads ahead on our individual paths. Once those paths have been laid, it takes His love for us to truly appreciate the view.

Q: What do you mean, “the view?”

Fred Wehba: I mean that without God’s guidance, there are things that just can’t be seen.

Q: Like what…?

Fred Wehba: So many opportunities – relationships, family, prosperity… There are always wonderful things waiting to happen but those with blinders can’t see clearly enough to react to His gifts.

Q: So, without faith, we would just move in a linear motion, never seeing the world for what it is?

Fred Wehba: That’s right…

Q: But how does a personal belief in one Man help people better themselves? Isn’t life all about circumstance?

Fred Wehba: God is not a man. He is the eternal triune God and reveals himself as The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. When man learns to lean on this perfect Trinity, he no longer has to pay attention to the sin in his path. He is free and redeemed by the blood of Christ.

Q: Can you give an example of how a renewed faith has made an impact on someone’s life?

Fred Wehba: I have seen men and women in the depths of despair, literally writhing in pain at the thought of waking. People so lost in drugs and alcohol that sin almost took their lives. When introduced to God, these same people found life, love, and a new purpose.

Q: And they are now living in a Christ-like manner?

Fred Wehba: As well as any of us.

Q: Do you believe that new believers are less Christ-like than those who’ve known God since childhood?

Fred Wehba: I believe that God doesn’t care when someone finds Him so much as that they do.

Q: Is church-oriented community is important?

Fred Wehba: Absolutely, yes. Our congregations are held together by a common faith. Where else but through church doors can you go and know, without a doubt, that you and everyone else are there for the same purpose?

Q: What are your views on giving?

Fred Wehba: My faith teaches that we are stewards of His gifts and that we should give freely of our time and talents. I personally get so much more from my time with charities than I could ever give.